July 22, 2024

August 14

The last in the 3 Day Series, we’re celebrating 2 national touring acts and a female fronted Madison power metal band!

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Queen of Dreams plays epic progressive power metal that features heavy riffs, dazzling keyboard flourishes, and catchy melodies. We compose original material that draws on fantasy imagery to convey relatable themes and engage both the ears and the imagination.

Check out their website here, and like their Facebook page here.

Hate unbound is a driving metal force. They bring an awesome balance of melodic sensibility with pure pounding heavy rhythm. They are a fantastic live band that is worth more than the price of admission.

You can buy their merch here, check out their website here, and like their Facebook page here.


Salvation’s End, is a straight-up heavy metal band that drives to push our genre forward while honoring its past. Hailing from across the pond, I interviewed Tim Jackson and TJ Richardson on the Metal Chick Podcast, listen here to find out how starting a band right before the pandemic has been a challenge and how inspiration from singers like Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson has shaped the band.

You can like their Facebook page here.

June 12 – Check out Sunday #1 here.

July 10 – Check out Sunday #2 here.